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Fact & Fiction, a flame of an L.A. rock band, a 2007 flash, a myth in the leaving. A web site, a corporate promotion, and now gone. Some fine tunes and expert playing on this EP CD. Willis lent his considerable guitar skills to this release.
SLAJO stands for Salt Lake Alternative Jazz Orchestra. It was formed in 2002 by young musicians from the University of Utah's Jazz studies program. Functioning as not only a creative outlet, but also a breeding ground for emerging talent, SLAJO has forged a sound that is on the cutting edge of musical evolution. In an effort to connect with listeners of varied taste, SLAJO not only performs arrangements of Jazz classics and originals, but works by artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, and Radiohead. Besides the guitar work, Willis Clow wrote and arranged several of the tunes and produced the CD.
sixsidedbox CD
sixsidedbox commands the listener's attention with powerful songwriting and gorgeous orchestration. With six band members, the listener never knows what sound will come next. It has been said that sixsidedbox sounds like what Coldplay would sound like if they did hard drugs! From the core instrumentation of bass, drums, and guitar, to the glittering fender rhodes piano and the soaring sounds of the sonic trumpet, all give way to the dynamic vocal stylings of Peter Markowski. With sixsidedbox in the driver seat, the listener is forced to hang on for dear life.

The RealEyes Collective represents jazz flavored Hip Hop. Willis Clow is the guitarist and co-producer of this CD (now out of print).
Subterranean Masquerade CD

The critically acclaimed Subterranean Masquerade CD was produced by Willis Clow and features his multi-instrumental playing. For more information on this band and the CD, check out the following web sites:
Subterranean Masquerade

Black Angel Promotions

Classic Assholes CD
Nu Speak CD
Salt Lake City Punk! The hard core punk sounds of the Classic Assholes (including the live "Big Truck", one of the top 10 greatest punk performances of all time) and the political protest of Nu Speak. Both contain the writing, playing, and production of Willis Clow. Currently available bundled with the 1979 SLC punk band The Atheists, a hand assembled CDR package representing the best of Salt Lake City punk. Contact swclow@mac.com for purchase information.
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